Druids of Yorkshire


The Druid’s Temple, named by its builder in the 1800s, is a vast imitation of Stone Henge, complete with phallus, cave, and a circle of standing stones. n the 1820s, William Danby of Swinton Hall decided to alleviate the area’s poverty by building a replica of Stone Henge in the nearby village of Ilton in the North Yorkshire Dales.

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Photos from the events


Beautiful evening celebrating lammas Romuva style beautiful, delicate and artistic with singing, chanting, feeling mother nature’s love in resplendent colours capturing the magic of life with, good, kind beautiful people like colourful stars in summer/s hazy days ahhhh the flowers…

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Signs Out of Time – Marija Gimbutas


With her extensive knowledge of European languages, Marija Gimbutas was employed by Harvard University in 1950. She was assigned the task of conducting research and writing texts regarding European prehistory. Gimbutas was able to read and translate the archaeological reports…

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